Scope & Future

⇒ Qualified BEMS Doctors are eligible to open and run their clinics all over India after getting registration with N.E.H.M of India, New Delhi.

⇒ Qualified M. D Doctors are eligible for the post of professor in a medical Institute or Research work in the Electropathy system of medicine.

⇒ The Electropathy system of medicine has equal status as that of other medical science.

⇒ Qualified BEMS & MD(EH) Doctors have practice & Education authority as that of MBBS, BAMS, BHMS & BUMS.

Education & Training

⇒ As a medical college, we provide students with complete and perfect knowledge about the medical field, thus preparing them to become good doctors of the future.

Government of Indian New Delhi

⇒ Once the Registration to recognize the new system of medicine is enacted any Practice or education would be regulated by said act.

⇒ New BEMS Doctors, other Government Issues in government service, Italy, German, America, England, Ukraine.

    1. It is hereby certified that there is no ban on the practice of Electropathy by qualified and duly registered physicians.

    2. New BEMS Doctor legal support in High & Supreme Court of India order within G.R. There is no ban on Electropathy practitioner in all over India.

Electropathy Advantages

⇒ It has the greatest capacity to cure diseases quickly.

⇒ The remedies are prepared from only medicinal plants.

⇒ There are no major adverse/side effects.

⇒ They are cheap and thus cost-effective.

⇒ Occupies very space in packing.

⇒ Overdose does not cause any harm.


⇒ Identified Temperament in Electropathy system, consists of three Temperament –
1) Blood
2) lymph
3) Mix temperament.

⇒ Blood & lymph both systems are cared for in electropathic medicine patient future life does not origin in new dangerous diseases

⇒ Electropathy medicine is prepared in organic material only like BHMS & BAMS

⇒ Authorized Electropathy Doctors appoint in Government service in some districts in India.